Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Something important

Well, I certainly hope that people still read this, because I've got a great cause for all of you!

One of my cousins was recently diagnosed with diabetes, and it's been a little difficult for my family. My aunt and uncle have undergone their fair share of struggles in their life, most notably in 2006 when their little boy was fatally struck by a vehicle on the 4th of July. The news about Abby's diabetes is just one more thing adding to the pile. Any little thing helps, and my aunt found a wonderful blog which is hosting a contest for one family to win a matching set of bags to help store and carry the things that Abby needs with her on a daily basis-- in a non-intrusive, adorable way. Instead of being embarrassed by her pump and her bag of supplies, she could actually enjoy carrying them, and even be able to show off the adorable pouches that she won! Even just getting that out in the open could provide a lot of support and awareness for diabetes... instead of hiding it, it's out there for the world to see.

If you could please go visit this website...
...read through the contest rules, "Like" each of the pages, and comment saying that you are a new fan, sent by Cheryl Speights. Just by doing this, you help give my cousin the opportunity to win this contest!
Thank you so much!